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All silver items are either 100% 925 Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver plated or Stainless Steel. 

Our gold items are plated with a thick layer (2-3 microns) of 18k yellow gold, and have a 925 sterling silver or stainless/surgical steel base.

Please refer to the individual product descriptions for specific material information.




Care for your jewellery by storing separately from other pieces within the box or pouch provided. As most of our jewellery has a 925 Sterling Silver composition,  To prevent your silver jewellery from turning black or yellowing, it is important to store the piece in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help to slow down the oxidation process or prevent the oxidisation process that happens on the surface of silver jewellery. 

Polish your piece with a microfibre cloth to brighten and remove any tarnish or oxidisation spots.

To ensure your item stays in perfect condition, we recommend removing before swimming, showering, cleaning and exercising (particularly plated rings!) when possible.

Avoid contact with strong cleaning products, perfumes, lotions, hand sanitisers, chlorine & salt water, as these can damage fine jewellery items.


CASPER LAND is not responsible for damage due to general wear & tear, mishandling or neglect.